Green Policy

Evolving Silver is a very environmentally focussed business. The new green policy includes a four prong approach. The first is in tackling the impact of jewellery boxes, the second is considering the impact of delivery, the third is the product itself and finally, the fourth is trying to make a positive contribution towards counteracting climate change. 

Jewellery Boxes

The boxes are 100% recycled card and recyclable and the stamp used is sourced from a carbon positive initiative. The boxes are also made and delivered flat pack from a UK based company reducing the Co2 emission in recieving the packaging. 

Tree Planting

We have partnered with Just One Tree and dedicated to plant at least one tree per piece of jewellery sold. Early estimations place our carbon impact per year at around the Co2 that is absorbed by 12 young trees. This means that after our first 12 sales we will be making a positive contribution towards tackling climate change. Furthermore, since Just One Tree plants a significant amount of mangrove trees that absorb up to 4 times as much Co2 as other trees we may be there quicker than we think. 

Delivery Impact

The postage padded envelopes are biodegradable and we have in place a tree planting partnership with Just One Tree to not only offset but counteract the pollution of delivery. We also aim to deliver only within the UK to prevent Co2 emissions from air freight.