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Evolving Silver is the creation of David W. White. As a young artist originally based in Galloway, Scotland David started Evolving Silver when he was 15. Having moved to Dundee 5 years ago, his abilities in both designing and creating have continued to grow and diversify. The name Evolving Silver represents the idea of transforming the raw material, silver,  into a wearable piece. It reflects the evolution of the product from a mineral to a piece able to inspire emotion and hold a sentimentality.

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About Us

The uniqueness of the pieces is in their inspiration and handcrafted nature. A plethora of different approaches are used in the creation from enamelling, soldering, texturing and wire working. Through this, very individual and stylised pieces of jewellery are created. Due to their handcrafted nature each piece is different which makes each piece personal and unique. This is also a factor in the lack of casting used. 

Evolving Silver’s designs are heavily influenced by Scotland and its landscapes. The natural forms within the rural landscape are a constant inspiration within our collections. The full extent of this inspiration can particularly be seen in “The Sea in Silver” range. Being from an area and now living in an area with such dense populations of artists has also been a great inspiration.

Janis Menlove

"The quality and workmanship is superb.Great prices for original jewellery.Very quick delivery too."

Jenny Laurie

"I love the brooch. It made the perfect addition to my hundredth birthday”

Rebecca Brown

"David is the best jeweller in the world ever.”